Christchurch Gang SHow

The Christchurch Gang Show is a variety performance staring Scout and Guide members from Christchurch and North Canterbury.

WhY is it called a gang show

Well it all began back in the early 20th Century with a gentleman by the name of Ralph Reader.

How can i join the cast or crew ?

see some of the previous shows

No site is complete with out a photo gallery, so here’s a link to our 2017 Gallery.

Would you like a ticket or 10?

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Sponsors needed

As you can guess these shows take a lot of time, money and stuff. If you are able to help us with building supplies, Costumes or even just putting an ad in our programme please contact us asap.

Cast log in area

Secret area. Shush this is where all the secret plans and nefarious schemes are held.

Wow look at some of the stuff we have done previously



Hmm features. Well if we told you everything we were planning on doing why would you come to the show.

We can undeniably  guarantee that there will be no renditions of Baby Shark ( do do do do ) or the Maccarana.

We will however have a top cast of Scouts, Guides and Leaders and a great deal of Laughter, Music and Dance. 

Basic singing and dancing ability, being an Active member of the Scout or Guide Associations in New Zealand, and being over 10 years of age as of the 1st of March 2019. 

We rehearse each Sunday afternoon from May till October for 4 hours, We have two full weekend camps that you will need to be at. then we have a full week of Stage performances in Early October. and on top of that you need to learn your script at home. 

Nope, No Way, Never, Nada

I have never seen a show like it in Christchurch before , well apart from the 2009 Christchurch Gang and the 2000 Christchurch Gang Show, oh and the 1998 Christchurch Gang Show.

John Doe
Not my real name

Unfortunately i don't live in Christchurch or even New Zealand but if i did i would want to see this show.

Also not my real name

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James Doe
That's latin right?

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